Platinum Landscaping Solutions Inc.
Irrigation Systems
We design, install, and repair sprinkler systems. We mount sprinkler heads located in turf areas on flexible hardware that resists breaking when hit by mowers and other equipment.
We also offer sprinkler and irrigation drip systems which can be the most efficient way of having your lawn correctly watered. 
Whether you need sod for a new construction project, a specific area of your existing lawn, or completely starting your lawn over, Platinum Landscaping Inc. has the capability to handle all of your sod installation needs.
The professionals at Platinum Landscaping Solutions Inc. are experts in the art of installing sod. Our installation process ensures that your sod has the best chance of survival.

Landscape Design 
At Platinum Landscaping Solutions Inc. we are passionate about helping you create the lawn and yard of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to improve your home or your commercial business site, we can help. We offer everything you need to landscape your lawn from the design to the building and installation itself.

Our experts at are experienced in planning and designing lawns and are committed to excellent service. We can work with your designs and plans as well as offering affordable design services.